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Capital Campaign

As a brief update on out Capital Campaign, I am pleased to announce that the Iota Foundation has formally retained McElroy & Associates to manage our campaign. As a reminder, Greg McElroy has completed Iota’s “Pre-Campaign Study” and determined that Iota is very able to achieve a successful campaign “well north” of $1 million.

Greg will now being laying the foundation for the campaign with the intent of formally announcing the campaign goal in early 2009.

House Update

If you were at the Alumni Banquet in April at the Claremont Country Club, you’d have to agree that it was one of the best. The turnout by alumni and actives was appreciated. The House had 27 actives living in last Spring and took in a pledge class of 12, including many participating in varsity swimming, water polo, tennis, rugby and lacrosse. The new initiates are mostly from California, but also hail from Indiana, Texas, Oregon, Chicago and Ireland. Last Spring’s pledge class of 12 was on top of the Fall’s pledge class of 14, all of whom were initiated as well.

On top of all the above positive developments, the best is that the House sports an average GPA of approximately 3.2. They are also adhering to a strict budget. In short, the actives are doing their part.

In anticipation of the pending capital campaign, the Phi Alpha of Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America, Greg McElroy, spoke at the banquet of the importance of the Iota Chapter, both historically and currently. For instance, did anyone know that Iota brother Harry Webb, Class of 1873, is responsible for the Cal colors being Blue and Gold? Additionally, the Iota Chapter has spawned three additional chapters: Iota Alpha (University of Texas), Iota Delta (Cal Davis) and just recently the Iota Omicron at Oxford, England (thanks to Iota brother Omar Haroun), making Zete the first truly international fraternity.

While all of this is positive news and we are moving forward with our Capital Campaign, there is still a real need for our alumni to make current donations so that the Iota Foundation can continue with its important work. There are three current projects in the undertaking.

First, is converting the Iota Foundation to an IRS 501(c)(3) so that it can accept donations from alumni on a tax deductible basis, a very important feature of a successful capital campaign.

Second, is the fact that in his pre-campaign study, Greg McElroy was repeatedly told that many alumni would not bring wives, girlfriends or families to the House on football game days due to the poor restroom facilities. To address this, Matt Tunney and his Board, who are doing a terrific job as officers of the Zeta Psi Alumni Association running the House, have identified this as one their top priorities this Fall.

Third, and equally important, is the roof over the dining room which is completely shot and leaking terribly. Although we had hoped to fix the roof with funds from the Capital Campaign, the fact is that these repairs cannot wait.

These three projects have an estimated cost well north of $50,000.

The Iota Foundation was founded in 2004 to address the financial needs of the House. It has served the House well, primarily through the generous donations of alumni like you. In fact, in excess of $75,000 has been raised over the past 4 years. The last fundraising appeal letter was sent more than 18 months ago, so please show your financial support by returning the enclosed donation card with your check today. Thank you in advance.

On a sad note, fellow alumnus, Peter Scott, Class of 1960, died recently. His family designated Bear Backers as its donation of choice, and I am pleased to advise that the Iota Foundation made a generous donation to Bear Backers to honor Peter. Please consider a donation to the Iota Foundation in his memory.


Stephen S. Harper



Rush Update - Spring '08 & Fall '07

On behalf of the Active Brothers who have been doing a fantastic job on Rush the past several semesters, we are proud to announce that this Spring's Rush culminated in twelve new pledges. This is a very large pledge class - congratulations to the guys in the house. The number and the diversity of new members points to a bright future for Iota.

Last Fall the house pledged fourteen members and initiated all fourteen - a great addition to the house. Below is a listing of the two classes:


Spring 2008 Pledge Class:

  1. Kenny Bower  (swimmer)

  2. Breckenridge Wight

  3. Phillip Burrows  (rugby)

  4. Nick Guerro  (water polo)

  5. Brooks Haller (swimmer)

  6. Eoin Heavey  (cal tennis)

  7. Reed Johnson  (club soccer)

  8. Alex McCarthur (club soccer)

  9. Roy Paquette

  10. Andrew Ritelli  (rugby)

  11. Mike Schindler

  12. Landon Turner

Fall 2007 Pledge Class:

  1. Gregg Garte (Corona Del Mar)
  2. Mike Parker (San Diego) - Cal Lacrosse
  3. Jeff Hartmeier (Oregon) - Legacy
  4. Sean Reavey (San Francisco)
  5. John Runkel IV (San Mateo)
  6. Ford Williams (Orinda)
  7. Max Bernstein (L.A.)
  8. CJ Mishima (Albany)
  9. Derek Wang (Oakland)
  10. Brian Roach (Carmel) - Cal Water Polo
  11. Charlie Steffens (Alameda) - Cal Water Polo
  12. Gregg Bernstein (San Diego)
  13. Jack Stampfl (Davis) - Cal Water Polo
  14. Scott Lawler (Newport)

Capital Campaign Update

Steve Harper and Matt Tunney are co-chairing the campaign and are working closely with a talented Capital Campaign Committee comprised of Dwight Barker, Ed Peterson, Dave Osborne, Drew Robarts and various decade representatives from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000's. To refresh your memory, Greg McElroy is conducting a "pre-campaign study" and to date has talked to over 40 alumni and has received positive feedback on alumni support for a major capital campaign. His report is due on March 11 after which the Capital Campaign Committee expects to formally announce the campaign.


Active President's Message

October 10, 2006

Dear Iotas:


In keeping with the tradition set forth by past president Robert Gibbons, I would like to submit before you an overview of the many successes of our house over the past year, as well as offer a glimpse of what I confidently feel to be a promising future at Iota.

To begin, I would like to publicly acknowledge a few upstanding members of our organization who have been instrumental in the present and future success of Iota.  With regards to the fiscal operation of our house, we could not be more pleased with treasurer Brandon Klein ’06 and his dedication in working with Matt Tunney to create a working budget that accounts in entirety for all the various expenditures of Iota, including the removal of our debt in two years.  This is an operational tool that has been in the works for some time, originating with Robert Gibbons ‘07 and Omar Haroun ’06, and to finally have it laid out is so beneficial to the successful running of our house.  Thank you Brandon, Rob, Omar, and Matt.

Fall pledge semester is in full swing, and once again we are incredibly happy with our pledges.  Our class totals seven, with a broad spectrum of academic and extra-curricular pursuits covered.  Within our class we have a football player, a soccer player, as well as two pre-med students and a dual major in business and pre-law.  We are also looking forward to spring rush, in which we have been incredibly successful over the past couple years, I myself was a spring pledge, and we already have five committed members of our spring class.

In terms of our active members, we are at recent high for live-ins.  We have 33 live-in members at the house, yes doubles are back, up from 17 in the spring.  The benefits of our recent rush efforts are now evident.  Equally as impressive as our numbers is our diversity.  We have members of the national champion rugby team, #2 ranked water polo team, #9 (and rising) football team, and the always successful lacrosse and soccer programs.  Members of Zete also participate in intramural soccer, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee, achieving success in all venues.  The President of the Berkeley College Republicans and the Vice President of the Berkeley Democrats reside within our fraternity, as well as the founding member of Sigma Alpha Nu, one of Berkeley’s two registered Pre-Law fraternities.  In addition, we have members who serve on the IFC board, in both recruitment and philanthropy.

We have also recently hired a new chef, Nick McNeal.  While we all will miss the wonderful meals and endless stories of Iota Legend Pierre, we could not be more happy with Nick.  He is a very talented cook and an equally impressive persson.  He will no doubt strengthen our house in numerous ways.

To conclude, I would like to express my gratitude to all the alumni who have shown their support for us and our future as a fraternity over the past 5 years.  We have hit some speed bumps and made a few errors recently and we could not have picked ourselves up with out your help.  Thank you so very much for helping all of us members have the experience this amazing organization has afforded all of you.  We hope to see all of you at the coming football games; it truly is a highlight of our week to see the alumni come back and support Cal.  On behalf of all of us here at 2728 Bancroft, God Bless and Go Bears!


Ryan Harris

President, Zeta Psi Fraternity

2728 Bancroft Way

Berkeley, California 94704


650.464.4865 m 



February 18, 2006

Dear Iotas:

As this semester begins I felt compelled to write and report on our group achievements, individual accomplishments, and offer a more comprehensive view into our varied daily activities.  In addition I hope to provide a broad idea “what state the house is in.”

With regard to the fiscal condition of Zete, though we have been weathering tough times, payment plans have been established to offset our debt to the Zeta Psi Nationals, and the growing numbers of live-in members promises to provide sufficient revenue to sustain fixed costs, rent, and regular social activities.  Gratitude needs to be extended especially to Larry Ruhstaller who patiently worked with treasurer, Ryan Hanson ‘05 to produce a general operating budget and help balance our debts.  Ryan graduated this December and plans to work and travel abroad in Australia for the coming semester.  He will be missed along with Andy Solari, previous Zete and the Inter-Fraternity Council president, who will be working in capacity with John Edwards in Washington.

After two consecutive pledge classes of less than preferable size in 2003 and 2004 (mine of five included), we have been pleased to initiate fifteen men since last December and look forward to the introduction of our spring pledge class, boasting eleven fine young men, including a variety of water polo, lacrosse, and soccer players.

As an active member who has lived at 2728 Bancroft since my sophomore year, I could not be more pleased with the group currently residing in the house.  A diverse mix of Rugby, Water Polo, Lacrosse, and even Ultimate Frisbee players rounds out the “meats.”  Zete is also home to the president of the Young Republicans as well as the vice president of the Berkeley Democrats, both largely influential student groups on campus.  Additionally a great number of Zetes weekly donate their time at LeConte Elementary mentoring disadvantaged youth, instilling in them an appreciation for education and demonstrating the importance of pursuing a college degree. 

The future looks bright and we anticipate an active semester featuring Pierre’s traditional Che Zete Dinner Party of twenty-five years, followed by the long awaited Zete Zoo, a tribute to the glory days of two decades past, Catch It!  Though the Cal football season was somewhat of a disappointment we greatly enjoyed the game-day celebrations, and appreciate the continued support of the Iota Foundation and the significant individual contributions received throughout the year.  We all look forward to the next Alumni Banquet this spring at the Claremont Country Club, which promises to be an exciting and well attended event.

On behalf of all of us at the Zete house, I wish you good health and high spirits in 2006.



Robert A. Gibbons

President, Zeta Psi Fraternity

2728 Bancroft Way

Berkeley, California 94704


415.316.5145 m