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To date, more than 200 Iota Alumni going as far back as the Class of 1938 have contributed over $80,000 to the Iota Foundation. The generous contributions have been put to good use.  Click here to see our list of contributors.  Additionally, the Foundation also works with the Iota Alumni in contributing to the Sabin Fund.  To date, over 100 Alumni have contributed in excess of $50,000 toward that effort. To view a list of the Alumni who've contributed to Sabin, please click here.

Recently the Sabin Board awarded this year’s Sabin Scholarships. 7 actives were awarded a total of  $15,000.00 in Sabin funds. The Sabin awards are based on financial need, academic record, and service to the community and to the Chapter.  Congratulations to this year’s recipients, and thank you to the numerous contributors to the Sabin Fund.  If you received a Sabin Scholarship while you were a student and feel like giving back, or want to get involved with supporting the Sabin Fund, while making a tax deductible donation, click here.